Mary recently retired as Senior Vice President & Counsel at GE Capital Aviation Services Limited. Mary’s early career as a Barrister took her from Deloitte & Touche, to become one of the early members of the Legal team at Guinness Peat Aviation (GPA) in Shannon, the airline leasing company founded by a pioneer of aviation finance, Dr Tony Ryan. Following the acquisition of GPA by GE Capital, Mary joined the newly formed GECAS as legal counsel in 1993. During her tenure at GPA and GECAS, Mary has been involved in negotiating and documenting a wide range of operating lease, finance lease, loans, securitization, financing, sale and novation transactions. She has direct experience of being at the front line of a number of major events in the development of aviation finance during her 28-year career including the Gulf War, SARS, Ash Cloud, 9/11 and the most recent financial crisis. She has served on the Board of a number of GECAS entities during her tenure with the company.

Among the key legal jurisdictions that Mary worked closely with airlines and international and local law firms in the development of aircraft leasing, were the majority of countries in South America, Russia and eastern Europe. In addition, Mary worked for a number of years as the Capital Markets lawyer involved in managing a large volume of portfolio sales and novations to various third parties. Prior to her retirement, Mary assumed the role of Diversity & Inclusiveness Leader for GECAS globally, running a wide and varied programme showcasing how to promote greater inclusion, in partnership with various external third parties. The development of a strong aviation finance platform in Ireland has always been of keen interest to Mary. During the past decade, Mary has worked on various initiatives with Irish and EU Government entities on a range of policy matters, including the EU ETS carbon trading legislation, the ongoing ratification worldwide of the Cape Town convention and the development of the Aviation Policy for Ireland.

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